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Yes, Super Savvy offers its washing machine repair services throughout Mumbai, covering a wide range of neighborhoods and localities

Absolutely. Super Savvy promotes online payments to ensure secure transactions. You'll receive a payment link after the service for a hassle-free payment process

Booking a service with Super Savvy is straightforward. Visit our website or download our app, select the washing machine repair service, choose your preferred service options, and schedule a service appointment at your convenience

Yes, our professionals are experienced in repairing washing machines from various brands, ensuring comprehensive service.

We prioritize timely service. Typically, a technician will arrive at your location within the chosen time slot when booking the service.

In the rare event of post-service issues, please contact our customer support team. We offer a 90-day service guarantee and will promptly address any concerns.

For expert washing machine repair services, trust Super Savvy and enjoy hassle-free solutions

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Hendrik de Graaf
6 months ago

The advise and services supplied by this Mumbai-based AC repair company were exceptional. You just need to try them once for the best results.
Jyoti uppal
6 months ago

After finding a number of mediocre services, I finally found the best air conditioning repair shop in Mumbai. If you're looking for the best services, you may trust that this one is legit and approved.
Mitesh khubchandani
6 months ago

This Mumbai air conditioning service has been pretty useful. During my stay there, I got prompt, expert support that was exactly what I had requested. great.
Karam sidhu
6 months ago

I tried a few other AC repair services in Mumbai that weren't up to par, but now I know where to go for the best service. This is a real and genuine place to get expert advice.
Kirat hissaria
6 months ago

As the most widely rated AC repair service in Mumbai, they come highly recommended. They were picked, and their service was superior.
6 months ago

This air conditioning repair agency in Mumbai provides a wide variety of high-quality services. I enjoy having the freedom to choose what I want.
Piyush Rathod
6 months ago

Simply liked the support and services provided by this Mumbai air conditioning repair agency. You need just try them once to have the finest results.
Thomas kirar
6 months ago

This ac repair service in mumbai is the best of many good alternatives, but if you need work done on your air conditioner, you should choose them.
Rahul Thakur
6 months ago

This ac repair service in Mumbai is well appreciated. They offered the greatest service during the visit and according to the requirements. great..
Gurpreet cheema
6 months ago

If you're looking for the best AC repair in Mumbai, go no further than this firm. The job they did for me was excellent.
Kumar kumars
6 months ago

Extremely grateful for this Mumbai air conditioning repair service. They offered superior service throughout the visit and according to the request. great.
Sukh chahal
6 months ago

They have earned a reputation as the best AC repair service in Mumbai. As I expected, they provided the best service, therefore I went with them.

"Expert Washing Machine Repair Services In Mumbai At Your Home"

Modern household appliances like washing machines have significantly improved our daily lives, offering efficiency and convenience. However, when your washing machine experiences an unexpected malfunction, it can disrupt your routine. Finding a trustworthy professional for washing machine repairs can be challenging. This is where Super Savvy comes in, providing a seamless solution to your appliance troubles. We offer top-notch washing machine repair services that you can access at your convenience, anytime and anywhere.

Common Washing Machine Issues

When it comes to cleaning your home, it's essential to use the right tools and products. Some cleaning agents can be harsh, and only professionals know how to handle them safely and effectively. Instead of struggling with these products, it's a better idea to hire professionals for house cleaning services.

Washer Won't Drain:

One of the most prevalent washing machine problems is improper water drainage. This issue can arise from a clogged or damaged drain pump or a malfunctioning washer that fails to engage the drain cycle effectively.

Jammed Washer Door:

Front-loading washing machines often encounter door jamming issues. Unlike top loaders, front loaders require their doors to lock to retain water. Occasionally, a front loader may malfunction, leaving the door locked with your clothes inside.

Unpleasant Odors:

Over time, washing machines can accumulate dirt, leading to foul odors. These unpleasant odors can transfer to your clothes, leaving them smelling less than fresh. Regularly cleaning your washing machine with fresh water is essential to prevent this problem.

Washing Machine Won't Spin:

If your washing machine fails to spin during the wash, it may be due to a damaged drive belt. For fully automatic machines that do not spin at the end of a cycle, overloading or obstructions could be the culprits.

Noisy Operation:

Small items like buttons can become lodged in the wash, causing rattling noises. Regular overloading can also contribute to excessive noise. To resolve this, ensure your washer is empty of objects and clean the filter.

Why Choose Super Savvy for Washing Machine Repair?

Verified Professionals:

At Super Savvy, we pride ourselves on our rigorous screening process and extensive training for our professionals. Rest assured, only the most qualified experts will handle your washing machine repairs.

Secure Online Payments:

Prioritizing security and convenience, we encourage online payments. After the service, you'll receive a payment link via SMS and/or email, simplifying the payment process.

Customer Protection:

We take responsibility for your appliance and offer customer protection of up to Rs. 10,000, ensuring your peace of mind.


Super Savvy offers a comprehensive professional home cleaning service tailored to meet all your cleaning needs at your preferred location and time.

Service Guarantee:

We stand behind our service, offering a 90-day service guarantee for washing machine repairs. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Services Offered in Washing Machine Repair


If you require professional assistance in installing a new washing machine, our experts are at your service.


Choose this service if you need help uninstalling an existing washing machine.

Abnormal Washer Spinning:

If you notice issues with your washer, select this service option for a professional inspection.

Noisy Machine:

Is your machine producing unusual noises? Opt for this service option to have it examined by a professional.

Other Issues:

For any washing machine problem not listed above, select this option, and we will promptly address it.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Washing Machine

Ensure Level Placement:

To prevent floor damage and ensure stable operation, position your washing machine on a level surface.

Regularly Clean the Lint Filter:

Cleaning the lint filter with fresh water ensures it efficiently collects lint from your clothes, maintaining optimal performance.

Avoid Overloading:

Overloading your laundry impedes proper cleaning and may waste water. Operate the machine with an appropriate load.

Clean the Machine:

Your washing machine does not self-clean. Residues from detergent, softeners, food, hair, and bacteria can affect both machine efficiency and clothes cleanliness.

Wipe Detergent and Softener Compartments:

Prevent leakage by regularly cleaning these compartments. Use a small brush and water to remove residue effectively.

In conclusion, Super Savvy offers reliable and convenient washing machine repair services. Our team of verified professionals ensures top-quality service, and we provide a 90-day service guarantee for your peace of mind. To keep your washing machine running smoothly, follow our maintenance tips. For all your washing machine repair needs, trust Super Savvy